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Adirondack Polymer Clay Guild

Club Background

Club Background
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History of Our Club

Charter Members:
Susan Clement - Saranac Lake
Helene Goodman - North Creek
Michelle Petrie - Niskayuna
Arlene Schiek - Queensbury

Our guild was formed by these four women who had been craving an opportunity to talk and work with other polymer clay addicts. They found each other on the internet through the polymer clay groups and soon became friends through email and a Yahoo group they formed. In spite of the fact that the women live in communities 100 miles or more from each other, in January 2006 they made a decision to start a guild. This was the beginning of a most wonderful sharing and learning opportunity and a guild that has tripled its members two short years.

Guild Officers

President - Arlene Schiek
Vice President - Shelley LaClair
Secretary - Helene Goodman
Treasurer - Michelle Petrie

Founding President - Susan Clement *
* A sad note: our Guild President, Susan (Sus) Clement passed away June 2008. She was an inspiration to the Guild and to all she touched. She will be missed

Susan Clement (Sus)